LF Reaction Reservoir

LF Reaction Reservoir

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Born from years of feedback from our customers, we are proud to bring you the new LF Reaction series of reservoirs, our highest quality and most customizable reservoir to date.

The reservoir features the same style and shape as before, but brings back the aluminum caps as a standard option. These aluminum caps will be available in black anodized and brushed at first, but more colors will be released soon.

The reservoir features 2 bottom facing ports and 1 top facing port. An optional side port cap will be available separately, having 2 bottom facing ports and 2 side ports extending beyond the base of the bottom aluminum ring.

We’ve brought back the double thick walled aluminum rings.

No issues lining up the aluminum rings anymore. They slide right on the acetal cap from the ends, seat into place on the groove, and can be secured with a set screw. Some people may find the set screw unnecessary as the caps stay on without them, but it’s included for added security.

Stemming from a big overhaul of our equipment, the tubes are machined on the ends to a polished finish, and given much stronger threads than we had in the past. Gone is the compression design that left some people unsure about the seals and safety of our products.

One last change; the helix now locks in place with a small groove on the inside of the cap. The helix can no longer rotate and block the surface ports.


Dimensions: 6.3″x2.375″x2.375″ (160mmx60.3mmx60.3mm)

Includes: Reservoir, Aluminum Rings, Mounting Hardware, 1 Fill Plug, Cathode

**Inverter to power light is not included and must be purchased separately. If you already have an inverter, our cathodes work with most major brands.**