Reservoirs are the foundation on which FrozenQ PC Mods was formed. Below are all of our current reservoirs, divided by standard models first, limited edition below. Here you’ll find information about all our reservoirs, including specifications, pictures of various configurations, and support documents for the related items.


 Picture Border LF Reaction Cylinder ReservoirOur flagship cylinder reservoir is all about balancing aesthetics and functionality, bringing     something truly unique to your system. It comes in three sizes, and can be customized to fit almost any color scheme in a build. Whether it’s a red helix with chrome caps, a blue and green mixed helix with black caps, or even a gold helix with gold caps, you are sure to find a color option that suits you. Click the image for more information.
 IMG_4919  LF Reaction Dual Bay Reservoir
 IMG_2623  NovaCore Reservoir
 Flex Tank Black A  FlexTank V2 Micro-Reservoir
 Essentials Black A  Essentials Dual Bay Reservoir
 IMG_3358 Essentials Cylinder Reservoir 
 Warp 1
NovaCore Extreme (Limited Edition)
 Copy of NCase A
M1 NCase Reservoir