Acrylic PC Cases

FrozenQ has teamed up with Lazerwerx to provide unique fully customizable acrylic PC cases. We offer a variety of standard designs that you can order as is, customize the colors, or even work with us to change them up to suit your needs.

Don’t see a case that quite works for you, contact us today at to discuss having a custom one-off case made specifically for you.


Current Models

Lazerwerx Liquid Full Tower X1 – Starting at $329.99

Lazerwerx Liquid Full Tower X2 – Starting at $329.99

Lazerwerx Mid Tower Air – Starting at $249.99

Lazerwerx Liquid Full Tower Doublewide – Starting at $599.99

Lazerwerx xpRenegade Classified R4 Tech Bench – Starting at $224.99

FrozenQ Liquid Mid Tower – Starting at $249.99