Laser Cutting / Etching / Engraving

Laser cutting is our most popular service, and can pave way for the most imaginative projects as well as help make batch runs of both simple and complex items. Our 100W CO2 laser cutter is capable of cutting thin wood, plastics, foils, and variety of other materials in varying thicknesses. We are more than happy to serve your needs whether locally or internationally. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and get a quote.

Here’s a few examples of what we can do.

Cutting Acrylic/Nylon/ABS/Polystyrene

A simple process by which we cut the material with the laser with excellent precision, resulting in detailed designs. The finish on the cut edge is smooth and polished.

Etching Acrylic/Glass/Metal

Using the laser at a low power, we can etch a drawing, text, or any graphic onto the surface. The result is a very fine frosted etching on both acrylic and glass, on both flat or cylindrical surfaces. Having champagne glasses or mugs etched is a popular item. We can also etch anodized aluminum or painted metal panels. The laser takes off the top coat revealing the shiny base layer underneath.

Cutting/Engraving Wood

The laser can cut wood smaller than 1/4″ in thickness, however will leave a dark burned edge, which can be sanded off. Additionally, wood can either be etched, leaving a wood burned finish, or engraved to actually take out depth of the material.

Cutting Paper

We can cut shapes out of various paper products, from construction paper to card stock, just like a die cut machine. However, the laser allows us to handle bulk quantities as it can cut through large stacks of paper at one time.