Gravity 2015 Sponsored Build

It’s that time again, where a new LAN season is heating up, and there are many great shows and events on the horizon. That means it’s time for us to do a new, unique build to take with us! Gravity is the brainchild of a sleepless night, with my mind wandering about how I could make a one of kind case, with a portion appearing to float, without compromising strength. The result was the initial concept seen here:

Preview 2


The main idea is that the only thing holding the upper portion of the case up is the four 1″ diameter aluminum support beams. The central area is intended to house the motherboard in a flat, horizontal configuration, with the pumps, power supply, and hard drives below, and the radiators and fan controllers above. I’ve been doing a lot of acrylic bending lately, so to try and create an edgeless feel I incorporated rounded corners on the two main compartments. As part of the “Gravity” theme, it only felt right to incorporate some sort of waterfall effect within the liquid cooling loop. You can the two honeycomb features, which are essentially flat panel reservoirs with a honeycomb structure milled in. I’m looking to use pastel colored fluid, to create a unique flowing effect through these two features.┬áColor wise, I’m going with a white/black/blue theme. Although, the amount of black to be used is still undetermined.


Now lets get to hardware. I’d like to thank all of our amazing sponsors here, as they’ve been a great help altogether.

AntecIntel-Logo NVidiaLogoPatriot-2013-logo_BLK

Hardware List

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770k
    • GPU: 2x nVidia Titan X SLI
    • Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S
    • RAM: Patriot Viper 3 32GB 2133mhz
    • SSD: 2x Intel Solid-State Drive 730 Series 240gb
    • PSU: 1300W Antec HCP1300 Platinum
    • Fans: Antec 120mm Blue UFO and 120mm Blue LED TwoCool
    • Liquid Cooling
        • FrozenQ Cold Fusion Waterblock
        • 2x Alphacool MCP655 Pump
        • 2x Custom FrozenQ Hexagonal Waterfall Reservoir
        • 2x FrozenQ 160mm LF Reaction Reservoirs
        • 2x Alphacool Dual 120mm Radiator

      IMG_6263 IMG_6272 IMG_6274

Stay tuned for more updates!