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Cold Fusion Waterblock

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Lets face it, every now and again you’re in the mood for change. You may be tired of the same blue themed system and want to go a different route. With our new flagship Cold Fusion water block, change is easy. Featuring 17 different colored inserts and 15 different colored mounting brackets, the possibilities are endless. Make it fit your theme exactly how you want it.

A simple micro channel design in a pure copper base plate provides for efficient performance in any water cooling system. As always, aesthetics play a big factor in our design process here at FrozenQPCMods, and we are proud to bring our design elements to a new facet of water cooling. The water block features a solid black acetal or cast acrylic CNC machined core housing with a laser cut inset acrylic piece. Dark Red, Dark Blue, Matte Black, White, and UV Green InsertsĀ are included, and others are available separately. These can be changed out to match the color scheme of your case. Also features a simple laser cut acrylic hold down plate, available in a variety of different colors and finishes. Water block comes standard with two G1/4″ ports, barbs are not included with the waterblock.

Expected Arrival: 3/9/2015 **Prepurchase now to receive free domestic shipping (US only)**




Mounting Kit for both Intel (1050, 1055, 1051, 1366, 2011) and AMD sockets (AM2/AM3)

Dark Red, Dark Blue, Matte Black, White, and UV Green Inserts