The Archon

   Hello, my name is Steve and I have an addiction that has taken my time, money, and the last five years of my life. It’s hard to admit to you, a complete stranger. But I have an addiction … to cases. Every year I have to build another case, normally larger and prettier than the last. It’s a problem, but I hope my confession here will help me get the help I need. The last case I built is the case I am most proud of. It is called the Archon, and it is a case I designed specifically for people who like an extravagant case. Nothing about it is subtle, or streamlined, or toned down.

Here, see for yourself.

   You can plainly see that subtlety is thrown out the window when you look at what you can fit in it. It’s capable of holding:

  • One motherboard: ATX, Micro-ATX, and E-ATX
  • Seven hard drives (3.5”) and an optional Hot Swap Bay (3.5” or 2.5” drives) in the top section.
  • Two SSD’s, 2.5” or smaller in the center compartment.
  • Two 5.25” bays
  • Two triple radiators up to two inches thick plus a row of fans on each.
  • Three 80 mm fans, one up top with the HDD’s and two in the center compartment.
  • Two 250 mm FrozenQ reservoirs.
  • Two Pumps (I’m using DDC’s)

   Plus all of the customizable features. It has a faceplate on the front that can have text or an image etched into it. I really wanted this case to be customizable for any person who used it, and this faceplate made that possible. I etched my game name from Steam onto it.   It also has a triangular front plate with a themed image that matches the fan grills, which are both interchangeable. I used a biohazard pattern to match its UV reactive green theme.  I have a whole series of grill patterns designed for this case and matching faceplates that can be swapped out whenever a user wants to switch things up.

   I have designed a few cases to get my fix of case addiction, and almost all of them have ended with me, at midnight, elbows deep in acrylic and bleeding from my hands and arms as I take a power drill to my latest creation to fix some unforeseen issue. The Archon was, for the first time ever, power drill free. It’s also incredibly stable; it’s held together by four frame pieces made of 3/8” acrylic, one center piece of 3/8” acrylic, and a top panel that is also made of 3/8” acrylic. I was not taking any chances with transport.

   During construction, the most difficult part had absolutely nothing to do with building the case. I sleeved the modular power supply I put in with green UV-reactive sleeving, which took upwards of ten hours. Sleeving a power supply is definitely the worst. But it looks awesome, so I am resigned to my fate.

I mean, look at this.

      Right? I did have some problems during construction that required creative solutions. For example, I have two EVGA 470’s with waterblocks on them. But what I didn’t have is any form of bracket adapter for two waterblocks that were close together. So, I used two barbs that I shortened to fit in between the two blocks, but they slumped down after they were connected and hung from the board, supported only by the flimsy plastic levers on the PCI ports. So I cut a plate on the laser cutter we had in the shop (the one that caught fire and was destroyed) that would support the cards. But I couldn’t just leave it bare. So, I etched “Archon” into and made it awesome and also a standard feature of the case.


    Now that I’ve shown off a little, here are some more shots of the finished product.

Finished case with side panels off.
Finished case with side panels off.

   This case will be available for pre-order on our site shortly, but you can contact me at if you just can’t wait. Also, look forward to the assembly video that will be posted on our YouTube channel. I promise, there will be no sleeving.

~Steve Walter

Customer Service Manager/Resident Modding Junkie