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10/26/2015- New Website to launch next week. Read More



6/29/2015 – Check out two of our newest build logs, Gravity and Inferno, sponsored by Antec, ASUS, Intel, nVidia, Gigabyte, Patriot, and more.


1/9/2014 – An exciting new year is among us, and we have many new surprises on the horizon. The first of which, starting today, is our weekly article. Every Thursday someone on the FrozenQ team will be posting a unique article, possibly showcasing a product, a personal build log, reviewing something we love to use, or even just a modding tutorial. The first article, by Steve Walter, our customer service manager and obsessive modder, wrote an article featuring his case, The Archon, that he built over the summer. The case will soon be available on our webshop, where is can be fully customized to be unique to you.

The Archon” ~ Steve Walter [Build Log/Product Review]